Farmers and ag business partners have the opportunity to experience a firsthand look at Raven’s OMNiDRIVE driverless ag technology at an Autonomy Demo Day hosted by Jenner Precision July 19 in Fairbury, Ill. 

Jenner Precision is again this year offering an up-close look at Raven’s OMNi brand of autonomous solutions. The precision dealer, named Precision Farming Dealer's 2022 Most Valuable Dealership, hosted its first demo of OMNiDRIVE in 2021. This autonomous platform empowers ag professionals to perform multiple farm tasks simultaneously without a driver.

“We think it’s important for farmers to see firsthand what it’s like for a tractor to be driven and operated by someone in the combine cab,” says Bryan Fehr, location manager at Jenner Precision. “Autonomous farming is the way of the future for agriculture.”

OMNiDRIVE is Raven’s aftermarket technology kit that transforms existing tractors into driverless machines. It is the first farming application that allows the farmer to monitor and operate a driverless tractor from the cab of the harvester so the harvester can offload on the go, then return the tractor and grain cart to a predetermined unloading area—all without a second driver.

At Jenner Precision’s OMNiDRIVE Demo Day, attendees will be able to see a presentation on OMNi followed by an in-field demo of OMNiDRIVE. Both the Jenner Precision and Raven Applied Technology teams will be available to answer questions on operational insights. Lunch will be provided.

For more information on this event or to RSVP visit the Autonomy Day Registration Page or call 815-692-6655.

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