Jon Eis, COO and co-founder of Eis Implement, has something to say to those on the fence about attending the 2024 Precision Farming Dealer Summit.

“Jump already and run to Indianapolis.”

The northeast Wisconsin-based John Deere dealer has been attending the annual conference since 2014.

“At that time, we needed to develop our newly created precision team,” Eis says. “We needed leadership directly involved too because of the anticipated importance of precision farming.”

He credits the Summit for helping build his precision team from the ground up.

“It’s been a profitable division for us 3 years in a row now,” he says. “We implemented many of the best practices learned at the Summit.”

Service technicians and managers have also represented the dealership at the conference over the years. Eis sees added value in bringing multiple employees from different departments.

“Who likes to travel by themselves anyway? We have found that by sending a group, our people have more fun, are more engaged and grow more because they share with each other what they’ve learned,” he says.

“The education, personal development, team building and connections gained far outweigh the investment. Plus, what better way to say thanks to our amazing crew? It’s a couple days away from the dealership to get out, relax and enjoy a few nice drinks and meals.”

The shared team experience also accelerates the implementation of new ideas and solutions at the dealership, Eis says.

“The changes start on our drive home from the Summit. You get the buy-in before they are even back at the dealership.”

The 2024 Precision Farming Dealer Summit takes place January 8-9 in Indianapolis. Click HERE to register or download the program.