In this free email discussion group, strip-tillers, dealers and others in the strip-till community can connect with each other to start conversations, seek advice and exchange ideas about strip-till rigs, setting up toolbars and all the other equipment strip-tillers may use on their operations. Ongoing discussion threads include sharing photos of strip-till machine setups and discussion about why strip-tillers prefer certain setups.

The email discussion group allows users to send and receive messages like regular emails. Anyone can choose to respond to the individual sender, the whole group, or just sit back and watch. Users can also choose to receive messages immediately as each is sent or as a daily digest recapping the day’s activity in just a single email.

“Farmers new to strip-till often look to other farmers and publications like ours for technical knowledge about toolbar setup because they don’t have that expertise close to home,” says Michaela Paukner, managing editor at Strip-Till Farmer. “We invite dealers to participate in our discussion group to increase their knowledge about strip-till for the benefit of their customers and their business.”

The growing practice of strip-till farming presents an opportunity for dealerships and their precision departments to establish authority and increase revenue. More than 76% of strip-tillers surveyed in 2022 use RTK, according to the 2022 Strip-Till Operational Practices Benchmark Study.

Dealers are welcome to join the Strip-Till Farmer email discussion group to connect with and learn from strip-tillers in all parts of North America. Ask questions, stay informed, share events and meet farmers. The greatest asset of this email discussion group is the knowledge and ideas generously shared by the community.

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