Precision Farming Dealer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at various aspects of our great agricultural industry. Here is our favorite content from the past week:

Robotic Worms: Coming to a Farm Near You?

Here’s one that kind of comes out of left field. Researchers at the Italian Institute of Technology have developed a robot that essentially mimics the movements of an earthworm. BBC News Technology of Business reporter Christine Ro has the story.


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Iowa State Partners with Local Dealer in Development of New Precision Tools

Research teams at Iowa State have developed a tool that measures nitrogen levels in a corn stalk within seconds. Engineering professors have also partnered with Van Wall Equipment to add nutrient sensors to the Iowa-based equipment dealership’s existing moisture monitoring probe. Read more about the university’s extensive research and product development in this article from Dave Roepke.

Raquel Rainier places circuit boards to be charred by a laser to create graphene

Photo by: Christopher Gannon

AI Weed-Killing Drones Headed for Mainstream

Sustainable farming enthusiast Terry Aberhart can’t wait to get his hands on one of Precision AI’s new weed-killing drones. “I’m on the list for one of the first machines when they become available,” he says. “The current technology is designed for maximum coverage and to hit everything in the field.” Read more about the startup’s new technology and why more farmers are trading their tractors for drones in this article from Crossroads Today.


Product Spotlight: SIMPAS Technology

The Farm Innovations crew spotlights the new Smart Integrated Multi-Product Application System, AKA SIMPAS. Technical Representative Cory Ritter explains how the system works and why it’s taking precision application to the next level.

Tips for Recruiting the Next Generation of Employees

Check out these videos from the Equipment Dealers Foundation to use in your recruitment efforts. Equipment dealerships have grown with the changes in modern agriculture. There is a demand for a new generation of employees who are willing to learn, grow and develop with the company. Modern dealership employees must be computer literate, educated and able to take charge of a situation. The size of dealerships is growing and a typical dealership provides entry-level positions with promotional opportunities into management.

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