Precision Farming Dealer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at various aspects of our great agricultural industry. Here is our favorite content from the past week:

1-on-1 with Hutson CEO Josh Waggener

John Deere dealership Hutson serves growers in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee. Smart Apply goes 1-on-1 with Hutson CEO and president Josh Waggener, who discusses his fast-growing dealership, customers and why he added the Smart Supply system to his line of precision ag products.

Josh waggener

Auto-Steer and Guidance System Adoption on the Rise in U.S.

Auto-steer and guidance system adoption rates are on the rise in row crop operations, according to a new report from the USDA, with use on more than 50% of total acreage planted to corn, soybeans, winter wheat and cotton as of 2019.

Adoption of Autosteer equipment

15 Financial Ratios You Need to Know

Does your staff know what all the financial metrics you measure you business by? More importantly, do they know how they are determined? Check out these 15 major financial ratios. For a great primer on how to get your team to understand the metrics that drive the farm equipment business, see the upcoming DEALERSHIP MINDS SUMMIT.

Precision AI Prepares to Launch Airborne Green-on-Green Tech

Precision AI, a Saskatchewan based startup company is developing what they call, the “world’s first intelligence-powered agricultural drone for plant-level herbicides applications for broad-care field crops.” Mark Halsall breaks it down in this article from Grainews.

crop plane flying over field

Precision AI’s drone is powered by a hybrid gasoline-electric engine, which provides up to two hours of flight time. Photo: Precision AI

Wright Implement Hires Precision Ag Consultants to Help Farmers with New Technology

Wright Implement, a John Deere dealership with 15 locations in Kentucky and Indiana, is hiring precision consultants to work closely with salespeople, precision ag specialists and service technicians to address obstacles farmers face when adopting new precision technology. “We need to educate farmers why they need precision technology,” says Bruce Westerfield, VP of large ag/technology at Wright Implement. “If we can’t do that as a dealership, we’re failing our customers.” Read more in this article from Successful Farming.

Kelly Klosterman & Bruce Westerfield

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