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The Top 10 Ag-Tech Organizations in the USA

See who makes the cut in this top 10 agricultural technology companies list from Analytics Insight. Here’s the description for their top pick (can you guess who it is?): “___ is a worldwide horticulture innovation organization that utilizes computerized innovation to assist ranchers with settling on additional educated conclusions about their tasks. Established in 2011, this company works with growers all over the world to provide them with data-driven insights and solutions for increasing soil health, decreasing inputs, increasing crop performance, and making better farming decisions.”


Report: Precision Tech Needed to Offset “Biggest Labor Challenge Yet” in Canada

RBC Economics recently released a report suggesting that some 40% of all Canadian farm operators will retire within the next 10 years. Andrew Joseph of says Canada’s ag sector will face its biggest labor and leadership challenge yet as a result. “It’s why Canada’s ag sector needs to evolve,” Joseph says. “It needs to do more with less but with larger levels of technology. It means greater utilization of smart technologies such as precision ag to use fewere resources to create a larger yield.”

Acres of farmland per year

Precision “Tech Stacks” Key to Meeting Customer Expectations

In the newest edition of Upstream Ag Insights, Shane Thomas dives deeper into what integration means and why he believes it’s an important approach to having success in the ag machinery space.

tech stack lined up John Deere

Deere Veteran Shares Thoughts on Future of Precision Ag

Fierce Electronics’ Matt Hamblen catches up with Deanna Kovar, John Deere VP of production and precision ag systems, for a conversation about the future of precision ag technology. “Whether it’s an electric excavator to minimize noise pollution and get more jobs done in a workday or a fully autonomous tractor to help farmers make the most of limited labor during a busy season, everything Deere offers helps to solve some of the most pressing challenges in agriculture and construction,” Kovar says.

Deanna Kovar John Deere

The Current State of Autonomy in a Corn Belt State

“Autonomous farm equipment was a hot topic this past year here in Ohio and continues to be gaining some interest from farmers going into 2023. One of the top reasons adoption of autonomous technology is being considered by farmers and even Ohio retailers has been the challenges around labor. Labor shortages, along with retirements, leave a gap for how to complete tasks and field operations in a timely and efficient manner. “ This article from the Ohio Country Journal breaks down the current state of autonomy in Ohio.

automated tractor cab Raven OMNIDRIVE

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