Precision Farming Dealer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at various aspects of our great agricultural industry. Here is our favorite content from the past week:

Innovative Farmer Provides Feedback on Raven OMNiPOWER

Wynyard, Sask., farmer John Burns shares his experience using Raven’s OMNiPOWER in this article from The Western Producer. Burns has used the autonomous system for fertilizer applications and to seed winter wheat. While OMNiPOWER has performed well in certain situations, Burns says there’s still room for improvement. “When we have a downpour, the regular tractor drills can usually go,” he says. “The OMNiPOWER has to wait until things dry up a little. It doesn’t have enough power and traction. So, we put it in areas where it will work Could we use it everywhere? No, not at this point.”


John Burns said the machine functioned as expected, but the autonomous drive system is defunct without GPS guidance. Photo via Twitter/@windypopfarm

Swedish Farmer Goes All in on Precision Technology

Check out this feature from Agriland on Swedish farmer Ola Drevas, who’s invested heavily in precision technology recently. “We’re all looking to the future, we are all concerned about the climate and everyday we are thinking about the costs, what adjustments we need to make, what investments we need — particularly if we need new machinery,” Drevas says.


Highlights & Analysis from Bayer Innovation Summit

Shane Thomas shares his big takeaways from the Bayer Crop Science Innovation Summit in New York City. “There was an incredible breadth highlighted during a short period of time by the Bayer team,” Thomas writes. “While a lot of it wasn’t brand new, the positioning evolved along with areas of specifics such as in Preceon Smart Corn, Hybrid Wheat or surrounding their biological strategy. There is not a shortage of different technology and offerings coming to the market around the world from Bayer.”

Regenerative ag solutions

Cutting Edge Technologies on Display at Linco-Precision Field Day

Over 100 people were in attendance as Augmenta, Sabanto, Farmwave, Leaftech Ag and Greeneye showcased new products at the Linco-Precision field day event in Nokomis, Ill. Linco-Precision owner Skip Klinefelter shines light on how to properly introduce and sell new technologies to customers.

Farmers Facing Tough Decisions Amidst Drought Conditions

In this five-minute episode of Farmdoc Daily, Gary Schnitkey discusses the prevalent dry conditions and drought affecting the Midwest in mid-June 2023. Exploring the recent drought monitor report and analyzing the impact on corn and soybean production, Schnitkey highlights the potential for another drought similar to 2012. However, uncertainties remain, and the possibility of rainfall could alleviate the situation. The video analyzes the challenges faced by farmers due to drought, including difficulties in decision-making regarding nitrogen applications, rescue sprays, and volatile corn and soybean prices. Schnitkey also highlights the role of crop insurance payments and potential ad hoc disaster assistance programs in mitigating financial risks.

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