10. Precision Farming Dealer's Best of the Web: January 18, 2023

Precision Farming Dealer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at various aspects of our great agricultural industry. This particular edition did exceptionally well, landing it within our top 10 for the year so far. See more »

9. Making Autonomy Affordable, Reliable & Scalable

What does it take for a small startup company to reach the highest level of autonomy in such a short amount of time? We reached out to Sabanto CEO Craig Rupp and set up a meeting with his top employee to find out. See more »

8. [Technology Corner] Case IH Debuts New AFS Furrow Command Technology

Case IH made its presence felt at the National Farm Machinery Show last month, introducing its new AFS Furrow Command technology suite, which includes downforce automation. Case IH seeding marketing manager Trent Nowosad says AFS Furrow Command downforce automation will take down-pressure settings on their Precision Disk Air drills to the next level. See more »

7. [Technology Corner] How Autonomy Will Reshape Ag According to Deere, Case IH & AGCO Leaders

AGCO, Case IH and John Deere jumped at the chance to address elite precision dealers during the first ever OEM panel at the Precision Farming Dealer Summit in St. Louis. AGCO’s Seth Crawford, Deere’s Matt Olson and Case IH’s Kendal Quandahl fielded questions about their strategic direction for business and outlook on autonomy. See more »

6. The First "All-in-One" NEXAT in North America

Check out this video from YouTube's Ag with Emma for a look at the first NEXAT system in North America in action during corn harvest. See more »

5. 11th Annual Precision Awards Program Honors Top North American Dealer

The 2023 recipient of Precision Farming Dealer’s 11th annual Most Valuable Dealership is LandPro Equipment, founded in 2017 with 20 locations across western New York, eastern Ohio and northwest and central Pennsylvania. See more »

4. John Deere Bets on Satellite Technology for Precision Ag

John Deere worked with the satellite industry and will be picking a low-orbit satellite partner to help solve connectivity issues with farmers. See more »

3. Weighing the Viability of an Autonomous Future

While many claim the Industrial Revolution is history, supplanted by the so-called “Digital Age” or “Information Age,” commercial agriculture seems to be thriving while simultaneously in both eras. See more »

2. 5 Ways ChatGPT Will Change Agriculture

In this Janzen Ag Tech Blog entry, Todd Janzen writes, "ChatGPT is all over the news lately. ChatGPT is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) operated by OpenAI...I’ve been wondering what this sort of technology means for agriculture." See more »

1. ‘All-in-One’ NEXAT Machine Cultivates, Sows, Sprays & Harvests Autonomously

The holistic crop production system is based on an interchangeable carrier vehicle. The technology needed for each step in production can be installed as a module in the system tractor, and the system can operate autonomously. See more »