To celebrate the arrival of the new year, here's a list of the most popular items we've published at in 2022. 

1. 'All-in-One' NEXAT Machine Cultivates, Sows, Sprays & Harvests Autonomously

The massive "all-in-one" system by NEXAT handles every work step in production agriculture. Not only did it capture the 2022 gold Agritechnica Innovation Award, but it generated the most views on our website in 2022.

Click here to see the machine in action. 

2. 4 Trends that Will Shape Agriculture in 2022

Naval intelligence officer Jack Uldrich shared his take on the future of agriculture with AgWeb's Sara Schafer. 

Click here to see how Jack's predictions fared in 2022. 

3. 8 Ag Tech Startups to Watch in 2022

Another predictions article makes the top 10! Ag tech consultant Aaron Magenheim looked back at investment trends he identified in 2021 and shared a list of startups to keep an eye on in 2022.

Click here to see which companies Aaron picked. 

4. CNH Plans to Bring 'Significant Amount' of Autonomy to Market by 2025. 

Autonomy was a hot topic in 2022, so it's no surprise this one cracked our top 5.

CNH Industrial leaders explain why autonomy and automation in farm equipment are keys to the company's technology strategy moving forward.

"We are confident that in the next 3 years, we'll bring a significant amount of autonomy to market," says Derek Neilson, president of agriculture at CNH. "You're going to see it progressively through the planting period. You'll see some equipment coming this year, next year and in 2024."

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5. [Technology Corner] NEXAT System Cultivates, Sows, Sprays & Harvests with 1 Machine

Multiple appearances in the top 5 for NEXAT! 

Managing Editor Michaela Paukner dives deeper into the system in the most watched Technology Corner segment of 2022. 

6. 10 AI Companies Paving the Way for Precision Ag in 2022

Software as a service (SaaS) based ag-ecosystem intelligence provider Cropin tops this list from Analytics Insight.

Can you guess which other companies made the top 10? Click here to find out!

7. [Podcast] Deere's Autonomous Tractor & Mainstreaming Autonomy with Scott Shearer

Autonomy went mainstream when John Deere introduced its autonomous 8R tractor to the world at CES 2022.

Ohio State's Scott Shearer shares his thoughts on the big announcement and his predictions for the future of autonomous farm equipment in the most listened to Precision Farming Dealer podcast of the year. 

8. What Does John Deere's Shift to Recurring Revenue Mean for AgTech?

Upstream Ag Insights' Shane Thomas answers the question above in the most read blog from 2022, barely edging out 9 AgriSync Alternatives Suggested by Dealers. 

9. [Podcast] Benefits of Dealer-Agtech Partnerships with Titan Machinery's Sam Christianson 

Case IH dealer Titan Machinery announced a new partnership with ag tech company Augmenta to offer customers a smart and automated variable rate application system.

Director of Precision and Machine Control Systems Sam Christianson joined the podcast to talk about the partnership and other precision initiatives Titan Machinery currently has in the works. 

10. [Podcast] Celebrating 30 Years in Business with Ag Express Electronics' Jim Steinke, Part 1

Another Precision Farming Dealer podcast rounds out the top 10!

In part one of this two-part series, Jim Steinke, Ag Express' vice president of sales and marketing, discusses the 30-year history of Ag Express Electronics, how the company has evolved and its relationship with dealers and OEMs.