J D Equipment, in partnership with The Ohio State University, was pleased to offer students from Agricultural Systems Management (ASM) classes a unique hands-on field laboratory at this year’s Farm Science Review.

Forty-five students from various levels of the program were guided through equipment demonstrations, given by J D Equipment’s own Steve D’amico, while covering a number of subjects, including the functions of a S670 combine, quantification of harvest loss based on machine adjustments, and intricacies of the John Deere MachineSyncTM system.

“Technology such as auto steering, or John Deere’s new MachineSync system are not things students can fully grasp by sitting in the classroom,” said Dewey Mann of OSU’s Agricultural Engineering program.

“This hands-on opportunity allowed students to see first-hand the capabilities and limitations of technology in agriculture, in addition to presented new ways to implement these systems on the farm.”

The program continued years of partnership by J D Equipment with both The Ohio State University and Farm Science Review.

“The students enrolled in our Ag Systems Management courses are the next generation agribusiness managers,” Mann continued. “We are very thankful to J D Equipment and the Farm Science Review staff for their support of this unique student learning opportunity.”?