J D Equipment, the largest John Deere dealership group in Ohio has entered into an agreement with Precision Drone LLC to sell helicopter-style drones (hexacopters) to agricultural customers. The drones will permit customers to visually inspect field and crop conditions and permit customers to more efficiently manage their farming operations. The data collected by drones supports total precision agriculture by observing, measuring and responding to varying crop conditions, providing information to improve crop yields.

“J D Equipment is working to serve our customers both now and in the futures and we continue to support technology improvements which benefit our customers”, according to Jeff Mitchell, CEO of J D Equipment. “We constantly look for opportunities to bring value to our customers and help improve their farming operations. We have a dedicated staff of trained technology professionals and have invested in a robust network of guidance towers to support our customers.”

Using this latest technology can increase crop yields while decreasing the costs associated with walking fields or airplane fly overs. With Precision Vision imaging systems, farmers can view video showing the health of their crops without even leaving their home. The benefits of drones in farming include: increase of yields, time, return on investment, ease of use, integrated GIS mapping, crop health imaging and failsafe (drone flies home).

A live demonstration of this technology was on display at the Fifth Annual World’s Largest Combine Clinic which was held at J D Equipment’s London, Ohio facility on August 22, 2014. For more information on Precision Drone or to sign up and attend the Combine Clinic, please visit www.jdequipment.com or download the J D Equipment App from the Apple or Android market place or call J D Equipment at 866-389-5458.