The Farm Equipment Dealer 100™ is brought to you by VitalEdge Technologies.


The editors of Farm Equipment, with the support of dealership software provider VitalEdge Technologies, have updated the 2024 version of an online resource of the farm equipment industry’s largest dealers. Known as the Farm Equipment Dealer 100™, the content is an interactive digital representation of the 100 largest dealers by locations and compiled annually by Ag Equipment Intelligence and Machinery Advisors Consortium.

The summary level content is being licensed to Farm Equipment to bring this knowledge out to the wider industry for free. The Farm Equipment Dealer 100™ provides valuable information on the farm equipment dealers, including total stores, ag stores, major line, shortlines, states served, employees, history, executives, ownership and profile information. 

Viewers will find current and prior-year rankings and an interactive scrollable tool to navigate key information on the top 100 dealerships. To view this exclusive and new content, visit


Since 2011, the editors of Ag Equipment Intelligence have collaborated with the Machinery Advisors Consortium to compile the annual “Big Dealer Report.” This in-depth report delivers the ag equipment industry a thorough, by-the-numbers analysis into the shifts in dealer ownership and consolidation, along with insight into the implications these shifts have on the industry. For additional historical data and analysis — beyond what is available free via the Farm Equipment Dealer 100™ – see Ag Equipment Intelligence's 2024 Big Dealer Report. For more information on that annual research report, click here.