Monsanto Company began selling its Intacta soybean seed in Brazil earlier this year and is expecting further growth in the region, Analyst Bryan Agbabian of Allianz Global Investors says. He is also looking forward to the company’s participation in the precision agriculture trend.

“Intacta is one of the growth drivers for Monsanto, as they’re selling more into Brazil, and then eventually they’re also going to sell into Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay,” Agbabian said. “They already have had business there, but Intacta could potentially increase that region’s importance for Monsanto.”

Monsanto is also entering the precision agriculture market, Agbabian says, where the company uses information on regional soil and weather to determine the best practices for farmers.

“Monsanto has integrated farming systems where, actually as a service, it is going to provide farmers for a fee information on what’s the best seed to plant. Monsanto acquired a company called Climate Corporation, which is based here in San Francisco, where its offering will include weather analytics so that during the growing season farmers will have a good idea on how to manage their crops,” Agbabian said.