Unlike some farmers, Jonathan Gibbs has had success installing and using precision equipment on older, multi-branded equipment on his 1,000 acre farm near Fox Lake, Wis.  

Gibbs took the reins of Anglewood Farms from his father and uncle in 2011. That’s when he started incorporating precision farming equipment into the corn, soybeans, wheat, canning peas and alfalfa operation. He started with lightbars for guidance and today, is working on improving his variable-rate fertilizer application system.

After more than a decade of working with a contract vegetable firm, Gibbs knew his way around precision equipment. But the older multi-branded equipment on his family’s farm and having his father and uncle adapt to precision guidance and control, created some challenges.

Gibbs strip-tills corn and no-tills soybeans and wheat. He uses Trimble FMX monitors for steering and variable application control following a Wisconsin Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) RTK signal for sub-inch accuracy.

Gibbs runs a 2008 Massey Ferguson 8480 tractor with Trimble Autopilot steering system to guide his planter and strip-till unit.

“We use the steering system to do a spring strip-till pass using a Dawn Pluribus strip-till bar and a Montag fertilizer cart that applies prescription phosphorous and potassium rates,” he says. “In the past, the co-op

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