AgGateway’s Data Privacy and Security Committee has published a white paper to help the agriculture industry consider ways to incorporate data privacy best practices and standards into their operations. The paper is also intended to provide recipients of farm data and their customers with areas to consider when using that data. The paper, which is publicly accessible at, includes key terminology to encourage consistency across the industry.

“This is a living document that we anticipate will continue to be updated,” said Deb Casurella, president of Independent Data Management LLC, who chairs the Data Privacy and Security Committee. “Data privacy, use and security are key issues for farmers today, especially as they create and use an increasing amount of data to better manage their operations.

“AgGateway has seen a tremendous interest and participation in putting together this white paper, from a broad cross-section of industry companies,” Casurella added. “There’s widespread recognition that we need to enable eBusiness in agriculture while also protecting the value of a farmer’s information.”

The white paper provides principles and general ideas as a starting point for companies to consider as they begin establishing security, protection and privacy standards and procedures. More information on AgGateway’s Data Privacy and Security Committee can be found under “Working Groups” at