AgJunction Inc. announced a strategic OEM partnership with Pulse Aerospace of Lawrence, KS, to integrate SATLOC, application controls with a new generation of unmanned aerial system solutions for precision agriculture. 

Pulse Aerospace is a specialized flight controls and systems developer of advanced helicopter UAS technologies. Its flagship product line, Vapor UAS, is being distributed globally. The Vapor 35 and Vapor 55 UAS combine the world's most advanced flight controls technology with class leading payload, endurance, and safety in a military grade unmanned helicopter.

The business partnership will add to Pulse’s portfolio of precision management tools by integrating its advanced UAS technology together with the globally recognized SATLOC brand of aerial guidance and application control technologies. 

Following nearly a decade working on advanced flight control system design and integration for UASs, Pulse Aerospace has proven advantages in design, safety, and ease of use for commercial-grade applications, in both light and heavy payload environments.

"The Pulse UAS technology is a key component in our OEM strategy, offering our customers and channel partners a highly reliable and cost effective solution,” said Rick Heiniger, President and CEO of AgJunction.

“This partnership addresses a specific market need; many of our customers are looking to simplify the integration of UAS imagery and spray applications into their existing precision programs, and we believe Pulse’s technology will provide just this capability within our SATLOC product line,” added Heiniger.

Pulse Aerospace will be the exclusive global OEM for SATLOC application technologies and branding on UAS. Under a separate agreement, SATLOC veteran TJ Craig has been appointed Director of Agriculture, for Pulse Aerospace, effective February 9, 2015.

"Pulse Aerospace is proud to be associated with SATLOC in its efforts to provide UAS technologies to its dealers and customers," said Bill Donovan, CTO of Pulse Aerospace.

"Pulse’s HeliSynth technology will allow users to carry the payloads necessary to do real work in conditions present in agricultural applications, and we are looking forward to working directly with SATLOC, customers and applicators around the world.  We have exciting technologies to come.”