DULUTH, Ga. – AGCO Corp., a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment solutions, announces a development partnership with agricultural technology company AgIntegrated (AGI) to deliver ag information management systems services to AGCO customers. The partnership will enable AGCO customers to connect more easily with their agronomy service providers, create seamless data connectivity, and digitize the farm. The new services, launching in North America this year, will complement the fleet and operational services already available through AGCO’s Fuse Connected Services offering.

With 15 years in the precision ag industry, AGI believes in leveraging and enabling current technologies and empowering the people that use the technologies on a daily basis to advance precision ag adoption and, in turn, increase yields. The partnership between AGI and AGCO will bring multiple new Advanced Programming Interface (API) connections to offer AGCO’s customers more choices with their wireless data transfer needs. Rather than needing multiple communication paths between technologies, AgIntegrated’s Onsite QC Pro data hub provides a neutral platform to streamline agronomic data transfer. This will enable easier data flow and better decision-making for AGCO customers.

AGCO customers can connect to the Onsite QC Pro data hub using TaskDoc Pro, VarioDoc Pro, and Go-Task wireless data transfer products, depending on equipment brand and model.  These wireless data transfer pipelines offer AGCO customers a seamless integration from their machines to multiple Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS), allowing farmers the opportunity to send their important agronomic data to and from AGCO machines and their preferred agronomic partners. This partnership gives AGCO’s customer access to any FMIS, either through a direct connection into AGI OnSite ecosystem, or direct download and upload. Please contact your FMIS to inquire about the available options. AgIntegrated and their Onsite QC Pro provides AGCO customers with direct access to mixed fleet clouds.

“AgIntegrated is thrilled to have AGCO’s TaskDoc Pro, VarioDoc Pro, and Go-Task capabilities available to the industry software and service providers leveraging our Onsite integration platform,” said Mike Santostefano, AgIntegrated’s vice president of Business Development. “The AGCO relationship and connection with Onsite QC Pro enables seamless communications with AGCO equipment with the ability to translate and support the AGCO XML prescription and as-applied/planted/harvest data file formats.”

AGCO’s partnership with AGI is a function of AGCO’s Fuse open approach to precision agriculture and transparent partnering model. The connection to AGI allows users to seamlessly transfer data, digitalize the farm, and bring their mixed fleets together under one central hub. In doing so, AGCO and AGI share the same position on providing a seamless customer experience. To learn more about AGCO’s Fuse partnering model and open approach to precision agriculture, visit http://www.AGCOcorp.com/Fuse. Learn more about AGI at http://www.agintegrated.com/.