ODEBOLT, Iowa —  ProTrakker, a manufacturer of implement guidance systems introduced two new products, the 500DB Hydraulic Hitch and the DB Easy Change Drawbar accessory, that expand the ability for more producers to adopt implement guidance, even for some of the biggest rigs in the field.

“When it comes to working with producers, we are looking at their individual operation and finding ways to develop solutions that fit their specific needs,” said ProTrakker president, Cory Miller. “The 500DB is one more option that provides precision and accuracy in attaining implement guidance goals, whether it be nutrient placement, seed placement or controlling crop damage. The producer also has the ability to choose a GPS active implement guidance system or sidehill sensor options."

The new 500DB Hydraulic Hitch is designed to handle higher horsepower equipment. With 30-plus inches of swing, this model also delivers control on extreme sidehills or contours. New to this model, there are hitch height adjustment capabilities, making the 500DB even more adaptable to larger planters and strip-till rigs. The 500DB, like other ProTrakker drawbar models, can be universally mounted on nearly all tractor drawbars with five, high-strength bolts.

The new DB Easy Change Drawbar accessory was developed to make the installation process even easier, allowing the producer to install the hydraulic hitch with a simple pin removal. The DB Easy Change Drawbar is interchangeable for use with any of the ProTrakker DB Hydraulic Hitch models.

“Stability and repeatability have been proven to improve yields by 15-20 bushels per acre, save producers up to 8% in input costs and give them implement control that dramatically increases germination and growth,” Miller said. “Implement guidance systems are not only helping improve farmers' profitability, but they are also assisting them with soil conservation through maximizing the benefits of strip-till and no-till production.”