Implement guidance systems have risen in popularity in recent years and ProTrakker has seen an increase in customer demand because of it. As demand grows, ProTrakker distribution continues to do the same. As of the beginning of 2014, the western Iowa company has expanded its dealer network into 16 states, spanning the product's reach well beyond the Midwest. 

In addition to ProTrakker’s growing U.S. dealer network, the company has established an international presence that it is building upon as well. ProTrakker currently has dealers located in Australia, Canada and Russia, however the company is looking to potential partners in Europe and other key global markets to represent their popular hydraulic hitch. While growers across geographies are using ProTrakker to eliminate crop damage along with chemical and seed overlap on slopes and contours, others in extremely dry climates are pointing to the system’s ability to leave neat rows that in turn help maintain soil moisture.

“Regardless of their location, farmers are always looking to decrease labor and fuel costs and increase yields,” says company President Cory Miller. “More and more operations are adding our hydraulic hitch systems to their precision farming outfit to reach new levels of accuracy in the field and to keep their strip till operation on track.”