The precision agriculture industry continues to introduce new products that allow for increased accuracy and control. ProTrakker, an Iowa-based manufacturer of implement guidance systems, is expanding and has added another innovative product to their lineup, SonicTrakk. This is another great control option for farmers looking to achieve a high level of accuracy.

SonicTrakk is ISO VT compatible and utilizes four exterior sensors for consistent implement repeatability all season long. These sensors are able to sense tire tracks, strip till ridges, plants, and more. Due to non-contact ultrasonic technology, this is a wear-resistant method that works well for seeding, cultivation, spraying, harvesting and more.

When paired with a ProTrakker Hydraulic Hitch, SonicTrakk precisely guides your implement on slopes and contour rows. It also provides farmers with the repeatability required for high accuracy farming practices such as no-till, strip-till, organic farming, etc. No matter the landscape, SonicTrakk takes precision to a higher level.

“We are excited to provide this type of guidance option to our customers,” said company president, Cory Miller. “ProTrakker prides itself on providing the most accurate implement guidance systems on the market today, and SonicTrakk truly is a unique option that we think growers will embrace.” Miller went on to say, “Our team has been working closely with Reichhardt, an expert in developing agricultural technology, to deliver a product that meets the precision needs of farmers today.”

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