Source: Stampede

Stampede is launching its new Drone Video System (DVS), which is a new category comprised of drone hardware, video conferencing software, and consultative services.

“Thanks to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Section 333 exemption that allows commercial businesses to fly drones on a case-by-case basis, UAVs already play a significant role in collecting information that helps produce a healthier crop yield,” says Stampede COO & President Kevin Kelly. “Drone Video Systems (DVS) amplify that experience. With the category’s introduction, farmers, regardless of their physical location, can tap into live video feed – captured by the unique and previously unattainable perspective of a drone – and collaboratively assess a situation to make smarter decisions, faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Anyone they choose can have access to the same data, regardless of location.”

Kelly says agricultural Drone Video Systems (DVS) are customizable to the farmer’s needs, with a 360-degree camera and the ability to capture wide range of data. He also notes that farmers can share collected data simultaneously with anyone in the world, which is, up until now, unprecedented.

“High-tech farming is the future,” Kelly says, “and Drone Video Systems (DVS) provide a revolutionary combination of customizable hardware, video conferencing software, and expert consult services for farmers who want to collect highly specialized data and share it with others simultaneously.”