UAV-America, a manufacturer of unmanned aerial platforms, has announced the launch of a new long-duration flight time UAV to be revealed at the International Drone Expo. The Eagle XF is capable of up to one-hour flight times with a payload of five pounds.

“UAV-America has been designing and building custom drone solutions for over three years,” says founder Jim Cooper. “Eagle XF is the result of extensive development, testing, and listening to customers’ ideal requirements to create one of the most versatile products on the market today.”

As a member of the UAV Systems Association, UAV-America has worked with the organization and its parent company, the Tesla Foundation, to incorporate industry knowledge into the new designs.

“We’re looking forward to seeing UAV-America’s release unfold. The company embodies the innovation and commercialization of American jobs we support,” says Keith Kaplan, CEO of the Tesla Foundation Group. “We must lift up our fellow US-based organizations that have the spirit of advancement to bring us forward in the new economy, and nurture their growth.”

In addition to its extended flight times, Eagle XF also features:

  • Molded carbon fiber frame with minimal parts and hardware
  • Fast packing time (less than one minute); packs to small, transportable size
  • Flexible platform capabilities that allow change-out of sensor pods, gimbals and more with quick-disconnect technology

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