AgGateway members who conduct business in regions other than North America are supporting an effort to expand the AgGateway vision more globally. AgGateway Global Network (AGN) was formed last year to spread the eAgriculture message and help organizations in those regions form their own AgGateway organizations. Rod Connor is spearheading this task, assisted by AgGateway Standards Director Jim Wilson.

"We started our AGN efforts in Europe, with the idea that a collaborative effort between Europe and North America would help gain support and momentum for expanding the AgGateway idea to other regions in the future," said Rod Connor, CEO, AgGateway. "More than 30 European companies have been involved in informational and planning sessions to learn about AgGateway and to decide if their region would benefit by having their own organization formed under the AGN umbrella. The decision in Europe was to move ahead!"

AgGateway Europe has now completed all the necessary legal requirements and is officially organized in the United Kingdom. The members have decided to start with three councils: Crops, Precision Ag, and Allied Providers. Three membership recruitment meetings will be held the last week in September and first week in October in different locations.

AgGateway Europe is also working on three project charters. The first project (yet to be named) will focus on improving data exchange between Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) and farmer business partners.

The Adaptive Spraying Project will focus on automated and seamless transitioning between spray characteristics to ensure that product placement and drift mitigation needs are continuously prioritized, while at the same time taking advantage of full machine performance to attain maximum overall productivity. Finally, the AGIIS Europe Project will focus on standardizing unique identifiers and reference data for eAgriculture in Europe.

In Brazil, a group of 12 people has begun meeting to start the process to form AgGateway Latin America. If you have interest in helping with this formation, please let us know. Watch for more progress from this group in future updates.

If your company is conducting business globally, contact Rod Conner at or (+1) 804-363-9120 to see how you can support the effort and get involved!