The latest iSOYL app update allows growers to use the generic 'shapefile' format produced by many management systems. These files are transferred to and from iSOYL using the well known cloud storage systems Dropbox and OneDrive.

Tom Parker, head of business development at SOYL, explains that the new update extends the flexibility of iSOYL. “Now we support shapefiles from any management system.  That means that growers can produce their own files and transfer them to the iSOYL app. By connecting to OneDrive and Dropbox, iSOYL combines a simple application with simple file management and data access. The whole solution could not be more straightforward,” he explains. “Additionally the as applied data is returned to the cloud as a text file recording the product, amount, date and time of applications and making it easy for growers to ensure their records are up to date. This is a significant step forward, enabling even more growers to take advantage of the iSOYL app in the UK and further afield."

He goes on to note some of the other improvements in the new version of the software. “We have extended compatibility with more application equipment, all of which makes precision crop production an option for more growers,” he states.

Other improvements in the new version include support for small seeds, with the option to use whole number or decimal place seed rates. A further benefit for international growers is that measurements and application rates can now be made in imperial units.

iSOYL has streamlined the variable rate application process for iPad users, saving growers time, money and effort. It uses a smart cable and adaptor to connect an iPad with all popular spreader, sprayer and drill controllers, and a data transfer system allows information to be effortlessly and efficiently transferred between field and office.

Key Features

  • Automatic transfer of data from the field to the grower’s data management system, eliminating the need to manually write and transfer notes
  • The ability to drop markers to record points of interest, such as weed populations or crop variation
  • Being able to use the app on an existing iPad, keeping costs to a minimum
  • A clear, intuitive layout on a large screen, making it easier to use in the cab
  • Touch screen interaction

iSOYL is compatible with iPad, iPad Mini and iPad Air. Users will need a ‘cellular capable’ iPad, but won’t necessarily need a sim card.

Simon Parrington, commercial director of SOYL says “Since we first launched iSOYL in January 2015, we have seen continued interest in straightforward precision crop production techniques in both the UK and internationally. Because iSOYL is both cost effective and simple to use, it has made precision farming more accessible. As interest increases we are determined to continue to make it available to as many growers as possible.”

iSOYL costs $795 and an annual in app purchase of $75 for cloud storage. This price includes the smart cable and in cab charging solution, all adaptors and the in-cab mounting system.The app itself is free to download from the Apple App Store. To find out more visit