Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic irrigation systems, has announced the release of the next generation of FieldNET wireless irrigation management.

Lindsay FieldNETThe new FieldNET now includes several new features and user interface enhancements for remote control of center pivot irrigation systems, lateral irrigation systems and pumps, according to Reece Andrews, new technology product manager at Lindsay. Also new to FieldNET Mobile are apps that are compatible with the iPhone, iPad and Android devices so growers can check their entire irrigation system from virtually anywhere.

“FieldNET was redesigned around a completely new and modern architecture that provides a much more integrated solution for water management,” Andrews says. “It’s even easier to use and information is more insightful with a new patent-pending user interface.”

Andrews says the new design features are a result of research conducted by Lindsay to better understand the wireless irrigation management needs of growers. A common theme was how widely growers used the FieldNET Mobile application in a variety of working conditions and how much users value speed and convenience when managing their irrigation systems remotely.

FieldNET includes a system dashboard that provides a graphical overview map of a grower’s entire irrigation operation—even across multiple farms. A new feature allows users to click or tap a status icon on the main system dashboard and access a “Quick Tray” to manage irrigation functions without ever leaving their system dashboard.

In addition to controlling pivots, laterals and pumps, FieldNET can monitor and record water usage, energy usage and tank or pond levels. Growers can also monitor web-based weather information such as temperature, rainfall, humidity and wind speed. The product is designed to work with a variety of plug and play sensor add-ons. FieldNET also works on non-Lindsay pivots.

“With its new and innovative interface and apps for smartphones and tablets, we haven’t yet seen another product on the market that is as easy-to-use and feature rich as FieldNET,” Andrews says.

The FieldNET Mobile apps are free with a FieldNET subscription. For more information, visit