Here are the most popular items we've put up on from the month of July.

At the top this month was a guest blog from attorney Todd Janzen on five things every Silicon Valley startup should know about Midwestern farmers. Janzen also wrote another piece that made the list about autonomous tractors.

Also making the list this month are insights from editor Jack Zemlicka on how a "Big Box" mentality from companies like Wal-Mart might be seeping into the precision ag business.

Three articles from the Summer print issue of Precision Farming Dealer made the list, each asking five farmers to answer questions about their expectations for their dealers.

Here's the entire list:

1. Five Things Every Silicon Valley Ag Startup Should Know About Midwestern Farmers

2. From the Desk of Jack Zemlicka: Is a ‘Wal-Mart’ Mentality Rooting Itself in Precision Ag?

3. [Podcast] Talking Technology with the Precision Farming Dealer Advisory Board

4. Are We Ready for Autonomous Tractors?

5. Roundtable Q&A: Training Customers and Increasing Precision Technology ROI

6. Roundtable Q&A: Farmers’ Points of Pain with Precision Technology

7. Roundtable Q&A: Farmers’ Expectations of a Precision Farming Specialist

8. [Webinar] Bridging the Precision Gap: How Top Dealers Leverage Agri-Coaches to Integrate Agronomic & Data Management Services [To view any of our webinar replays, you must be logged in with a free user account.]

9. Trimble Establishes New Agriculture Business Solutions Group

10. South Dakota State Univ. Unveils First-of-Its-Kind Ag Major for Fall 2016

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