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Precision farming brings to mind a lot of futuristic concepts that have become a reality including ag drones hovering over growing crops and sensing technology precisely controlling fertilizer application. 

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But one innovation still developing is autonomous equipment. The idea of a driverless tractor patrolling a farmer’s field is an appealing idea to some, while at the same time, terrifying for others.

Within agriculture and commercially, strides have been made in recent years to refine reliable autonomous technology, though it remains to be seen when these machines will be part of the mainstream.

Still, the topic is ripe for debate and I recently had the opportunity to moderate a discussion among 9 precision dealer members of the Independent Precision Ag Alliance at its most recent meeting in Gary, South Dakota. 

Members of the Independent Precision Ag Alliance include:

  • Tim Norris, CEO, Ag Info Tech, Mt. Vernon, Ohio
  • Dustin Christofferson, precision ag specialist, South Dakota Wheat Growers, Aberdeen, S.D.
  • Ken Diller, precision ag coordinator, Hoober Inc., Intercourse, Pa.
  • Bruce West, president, West Enterprises, Geneseo, Ill.
  • DeImna Heiken, owner, Triangle Ag Services, Fort Benton, Mont.
  • Karon Cowan, owner, AgTechGIS, Embro, Ont.
  • Paul Bruns, owner, Precision Consulting Services, Canby, Minn.
  • Paul Backstrom, founder, Precision Ag Results, Maddock, N.D.
  • Heather Hill, precision ag coordinator, H&R Agri-Power, Hopkinsville, Ky.

In today’s Precision Farming Dealer podcast, brought to you by Farmers Edge, we share highlights of a discussion among the members of the peer group about the future of precision and autonomous technology.

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Precision Farming Dealer's podcast series is brought to you by Farmers Edge.

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