Topcon announced TopNET Global-D correction service providing high-accuracy decimeter positioning that eliminates the need for a base station for customers using the Topcon AGI-4 GNSS receiver.

TopNET Global-D is designed to allow Topcon AGI-4 owners to quickly and easily subscribe to a consistent level of high-precision positioning to an accuracy of 5 cm pass-to-pass, with no need for a base station or any hardware change in the current AGI-4 GNSS receiver. “A subscription to TopNET Global-D, enabled in an AGI-4 receiver, merges the convenience and accuracy of Precise Point Positioning (PPP) with RTK correction services in a seamless integration,” said Mark Burbidge, director, GNSS product management.

“It is the ideal solution for precision applications where communications infrastructure is unreliable or unavailable,” Burbidge said.  “Plus, it provides the customer with choices of accuracies to fit various applications from row crop planting and harvest to land prep, tillage and broad-acre operations requiring high-accuracy decimeter solutions.”

TopNET Global is designed to deliver these choices of correction accuracy via a web portal with a web interface for purchasing and activating subscriptions. Burbidge said, “Its automatic ‘click and go’ functionality allows customers to receive their subscription in minutes anywhere in the world, without the need to specify regions.

“TopNET Global offers fast and easy initialization. It requires no base stations and no extra data or cell plans, just a subscription to the service via the TopNET Global web portal. It offers leading GNSS correction subscriptions that are competitive and flexible to fit the needs of agricultural customers worldwide. It’s what growers operating in today’s market conditions need to help maintain an edge with their narrow profit margins,” said Burbidge.

The new TopNET Global web portal can be accessed at or