With SESAM tractor (Sustainable Energy Supply for Agricultural Machinery), John Deere presents the first high electrical power that has the features and functionality of a "classic" tractor while providing the benefits of electricity. The SESAM tractor is a key element of Deere's vision of the farm of the future, energy-autonomous.

The large capacity battery allows support of autonomous agriculture energy and improved network integration of renewable energy. The prototype, designed on the chassis of 6R tractors from Mannheim, develops a power of 130 kW, with two independent electric motors, maintenance, fueling a DirectDrive transmission. In standard operation, a motor is used for driving, the other for the PTO shaft and the hydraulic system. 

If necessary, the two electric motors may be combined to provide the power either to traction or to the PTO shaft or the hydraulic system. In addition, the combination of an electrical drive with gearing provides similar driving experience to that of a continuously variable transmission. Best transmission ratio will be systematically chosen according to the use desired by the driver.

When the tractor is stationary, there is no energy loss. It produces no emissions and virtually no noise, significant advantage during night work or close to residential areas. Currently, a full battery charge can work about 4 hours in normal use or drive about 55 km on the road. The charging time for its approach 3 hours. The lifespan of the battery is approximately 3,100 charge cycles.

The prototype was awarded a “Special Mention” honor among the 2017 SIMA Innovation Awards. The SIMA International Agribusiness Show runs from Feb. 26 - March 2 in Paris, France.