The Sentera Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Toolbox for AgVault gives growers and agronomists significant insight into field and crop health, today and throughout the season. Users can recolor, dynamically regenerate and highlight areas of an NDVI Crop Health Map, on data gathered today, and on historical data. The NDVI Toolbox is now a standard feature of Sentera’s AgVault Software Pro and Viewer licenses.

NDVI essentially compares one area to another, illustrated with color. If a crop is generally healthy, it appears bright green on an NDVI map. This is generalized data, however, and is only useful in general terms. AgVault’s NDVI Toolbox makes that data actionable by building flexibility into the color map. The NDVI Toolbox allows the user to force dramatic color variations to show a plant’s health relative to others in the field at a granular level. 

Fly once and areas of concern can be zoomed in on in AgVault, and assigned a wider variation in color value for easier analysis; the average person can identify areas of stress, compaction or drown-outs. Fly multiple times and problem areas are shown as they emerge.

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