AGBRIDGE by Scruggs Equipment Co. Inc.
2157 Pageland Hwy.
Lancaster, SC 29720

Phone: 800-597-4961
Fax: 704-843-5650

Key Contacts:
Don Klas, Owner/Business Development
Kevin Klas, Owner/Technology

Scruggs Equipment Co. has served growers and ag retailers across the Carolinas and Virginia since 1993 with industry leading precision agriculture technologies. In the fall of 2015, the new owners with backgrounds in embedded software design and global business, began development of a universal solution to address the glaring market need for low-cost wireless data transport between growers and their trusted advisers. AGBRIDGE™ was introduced to the market at InfoAg in August 2016 and became commercially available in January 2017.

AGBRIDGE™ is a revolutionary mobile app that enables simple and affordable data transfer between ag controllers operating in the field and the computers of growers and their trusted advisors. Unlike other systems in the market, AGBRIDGE™ is a universal solution that works with most any brand of controller and utilizes the user’s existing smartphone (or tablet) service. Transport as-applied data, boundary files, prescriptions and more between the field and office. Easily port A-B lines from one machine to another without leaving the field. All of this with the push of a button while maintaining secure back up of configuration files, spray records, application data, yield data and much more. At a fraction of the cost of competing solutions, AGBRIDGE™ is a data transfer solution that provides ag retailers with an inexpensive data bridge between their office network, the application equipment they operate and the customers they serve. For crop consultants, AGBRIDGE™ enables continuous remote access to their customer’s data and equipment. And for growers, AGBRIDGE™ provides secure data storage, efficient connection to their trusted advisors and the opportunity to unlock the power of precision data.