345 Burnetts Rd.
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906

Phone: (765) 429-6200
Fax: (765) 742-4211
Number of employees: 30

Key Contacts:
Brian Vorst, President
Beth Vorst, CEO
Gary Roeder, Dealer Sales & Development
Ben Cragun, Lead Engineer


TruAG is a family-owned company with roots in the family farm. TruAG is located in West Lafayette, Ind., and is a leading manufacturer of seed tenders, anhydrous bars, strip-till bars and strip-till row units. With state-of-the-art turn-key manufacturing equipment, TruAG can design, manufacture and assemble all of its products in-house, allowing for full control of the processes. Potential problems can be identified quickly and solutions implemented in a concise, cost-effective and timely manner.

TruAG has superiorly-designed products that are extremely well-received in the market place. With a focus on customer needs, TruAG can quickly react to dynamic changes. Designing for tomorrow’s farmers today, TruAG has built its reputation on quality, innovation and performance. Many of the engineers at TruAG came from a family farm or are also actively farming. Understanding firsthand the importance of well-designed equipment, TruAG has the ability to test, prove and continually refine its products to make them better for its customers.

The products that TruAG offers gives the customer the ability to have high quality, well-built equipment that is adaptive to different farming conditions and practices. The ability to have equipment that can be upgraded or tailored to each customer’s personal needs and changing farming operation makes TruAG equipment more beneficial, useful and practical for the customer.


  • TerraForge Series: The TerraForge Series strip-till row unit creates an ideal and uniform seed bed while consistently delivering up to 2 fertilizer applications in a single pass. The robust and versatile design can be customized to meet any farmer’s needs. The parallel arm system, accompanied with extension springs ensures constant ground contact in varying terrains while offering an auto-resetting trip system to clear even the largest foreign obstruction. Pneumatic down force and large row cleaners remove trash, while turning slowly and not throwing trash into neighboring rows. Lower coulter assembly starts the berm building process by piercing and slicing the ground surface and creating a fracture point for the trailing coulter or shank. Rack and pinion shank design makes in-field depth changes quick and easy. Optional blow-out blockers prevent soil from boiling outside the reach of the closing system, keeping soil in and trash out, resulting in a uniform, well-defined strip. The closing system forms, seals and builds an ideal berm by pulling the loose soil back into a consistently-built berm. Optional berm conditioning systems finish the process by forming, shaping and sizing the berm into the perfect seed bed.
  • Triton Series: TruAG has a Triton Series strip-till toolbar to accommodate your needs. TruAG has a 3-point, in-between or pull-type strip-till toolbars, and combined with our customizable TerraForge strip-till row units, they can handle any soil type or field condition. The 3-point mounted toolbar provides a robust, yet simple framework for the small to midsize operation. The in-between toolbar marries the 3-point toolbar with a stout fertilizer system carrier frame resulting in a complete strip-till system in one package. Finally the pull-type strip-till toolbar is the largest of the Triton Series and is designed to handle multiple row unit configurations and working depths while supporting mounted fertilizer systems.


  • Defender Series Seed Tenders
  • Avenger Series NH3 Toolbars
  • TerraForge Series Strip-Till Row Units
  • Triton Series Strip-Till Toolbars
  • TruForce Series Strip-Till Down Pressure Kits