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San Francisco, CA 94104

Phone: (309) 221-7611
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Number of U.S. and Canadian dealerships: 350 Locations

Key Contacts:
CEO – Paul Turner
CTO –  David Brewer
Key Account Manager, Northern U.S. – Mark Sullivan
Key Account Manager, Southern U.S. – Russell Cauthen


For leading precision farming and equipment dealers, AgDNA provides private labeled Farm Management Software (FMS) solutions to increase engagement of your precision services and brand loyalty. Unlike other precision farming tools, AgDNA is branded for your dealership and works seamlessly with all major equipment manufacturers and third-party controllers to maximize results on every acre.

The AgDNA platform has been designed with the latest IoT, cloud computing and big-data technologies to future proof your investment in precision farming services. No other FMS provider has the level of data integration, automation and dealer branding as offered by AgDNA.

By providing growers superior value in a single-sign-on platform, AgDNA has become the #1 provider of FMS services to large ag equipment dealerships across North America. By removing the need for manual data entry, the innovative platform can help you deliver on your business objectives to produce more engaged acres, generate higher profits and deepen brand loyalty across your territory.

AgDNA replaces the need for multiple software applications and provides your growers with easy-to-use data driven tools to help lower costs, increase yield and maximize profitability. By delivering precision farming services powered by AgDNA, you’ll be joining one of the fastest growing precision farming communities and provide superior value to your customers for many years to come.

You are uniquely positioned as the local authority of precision farming services for your territory. Don’t let the competition disrupt your business. AgDNA can provide you with the most powerful and comprehensive FMS platform on the market today fully branded for your dealership.

Take your dealership to the next level with AgDNA and make every acre count!


AgDNA’s innovative precision farming tools are changing the way farmers think about their operation. Let the power of cloud computing help drive your Precision Farming Services and deliver superior results for your growers.

  • Pixel Profit: Automatically calculate critical profit and loss management zones on every acre. See precisely which regions of a field are profitable and take action on underperforming zones to address profit limiting factors.
  • Benchmarking: Provide your growers with the most accurate Benchmarking solution available. The anonymous opt in service allows growers to increase their bottom line by matching the highest performing seed variety to their soil types and local conditions.
  • Precision Services: Are you finding yourself short on time, or do you have staff turnover that is limiting your ability to consistently deliver high quality precision services? Don’t sweat it! AgDNA offers a range of “behind the scenes” and “direct to grower” precision data services to make sure your customers are fully supported and your dealership brand is delivering maximum value.