Jack Zemlicka here to share some highlights of our May 8 edition of Precision Farming Dealer.

We're always keeping an eye on precision trends and one I've noted of late is that some dealers are predicting flat to slightly down sales of hardware this year. 

This is partly due to lower corn prices and also more farm machinery coming factory-equipped with precision technology.

In this issue's editorial, I take a look at no-till farmers' projections for planned expenditures on precision products in 2014, and the impact this could have on dealers to become better salespeople.

We also look at some precision tools that continue to see increased adoption, along with cutting-edge technology designed to increase efficiency.

John Deere recently released its Wireless Data Transfer platform and this spring, dealers are getting their first chance to sell the technology.

Find out what kind of take rate an AMS manager in Illinois is seeing in this week's In the Field Feature.

And in the midst of planting season, it's important for dealers to keep customer's up and running in the field. Learn more about how an Iowa farmer works to alleviate spring precision headaches in this issue's What Farmer's Want From You piece.

As always, I welcome your feedback and suggestions on topics or trends popping up on your radar, so don't hesitate to contact me at jzemlicka@lesspub.com.