The HBS interface between Service Connect and the Farmers Edge CanPlug enables real-time DTC (Engine Error Code) notification to HBS Netview Dealers. For example, if a tractor starts experiencing engine errors in the field, the HBS dealer’s service shop will be instantly notified and can reach out proactively to the grower to schedule a service truck to take care of the issue before it becomes a real problem.

Along with the Service Connect interface, a Machine Health Monitor will also be deployed that will allow anyone with permission at the dealership to view real-time information about a unit in the field and look up historical chassis information from any point in the past. For example, a grower might call in to say that his combine was running sluggish yesterday afternoon. Without leaving the dealership, a service technician can log into that machine and view engine RPMs, temperatures, pressures and error codes for that time period. Further interfaces and applications for this data are in development.

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