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The last few years have seen some dramatic shifts in the ag technology landscape with companies adjusting objectives to accommodate farmers’ spending habits.

Increasing adoption of precision farming practices remains a priority within the industry and as suppliers pivot toward the future, there are lessons to be learned from the past.

To survive tight margin conditions, farmers and their dealers need to adopt and adapt, according to Kenneth Zuckerberg, a former a senior analyst for Rabobank.  

The most logical, attractive and most-likely-to-succeed option for crop farmers to pursue is adopting proven, cost-reducing, on-farm technologies that optimize input usage and produce greater yield per input dollar spent, he says.

While this strategy can be confused with ‘precision farming,’ the key here is investing thoughtfully, based on selected data and technological tools that add value, adds Ken, who is now senior vice president of Food and Agribusiness Industry Advisors with Wells Fargo.

In today’s Precision Farming Dealer podcast Ken shares some research analysis on the learning and adoption curves for the next wave of digital farming innovation and how ready those in the industry are for it.

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