TEL AVIV, Israel — Taranis, a precision agriculture company, and BASF, a seed and chemical provider, announced their partnership to provide farmers in Brazil with cutting-edge, go-to-market crop monitoring solutions. The partnership signals the expansion of Taranis’ operations in the Brazilian market and will later focus on other global regions.

Taranis’ precision agricultural intelligence platform utilizes deep-learning technology combined with high-speed UAVs and manned aircrafts to provide farmers with unprecedented insights around seed emergence, weeds, insect damage, nutrition deficiency and more. Those insights enable farmers to predict and prevent threats to over 20 million acres of crops on a granular level, using forecasting models and technical recommendations to improve crop yields.

“With our technology, farmers will be able to take pre-emptive actions against diseases, pests and weeds in the field — thereby increasing their yield and minimize costs," says Ofir Schlam, CEO and co-founder of Taranis.

After the trial period, Taranis and BASF began offering their joint services to farmers in Brazil earlier this year, focusing on large scale crops such as soy, corn, sugar cane and cotton. Using BASF loyalty points, farmers can get access to Taranis’ services — a bonus for clients who have worked with BASF over the years.

Taranis targets high volume commodity crops, which account for 70% of global crop volumes. The company announced the closing of a $20M Series B funding round to expand its global footprint in 2018, and currently services large farmers, empowering them to address issues in real-time and increasing yields by 7.5%.