When governments made the difficult, but necessary decision and ordered their citizens strict quarantine after the COVID-19 outbreak, none of us rushed to buy a new, expensive phone or car. We all rushed to buy the essentials — wheat, rice, milk, vegetables or fruit. 

But what many forget is that the path from seed-to-plate is more than meets the eye. From selecting the right seed, ensuring proper conditions for germination, protecting it from growing season uncertainties ranging from improper soil conditions, disease, and weather fluctuation, to ultimately harvesting the precious crop. 

Due to pressing problems of today, e.g. a fast-growing population and proportionate growing demand for food, sustainable agriculture, based on innovative technology solutions, is key to successfully overcoming challenges. Farmers need to adapt to new farming practices to meet all the requirements. And Pessl Instruments is here to help farmers meet these challenges.  

Keeping up with the changes

The importance of precision agriculture wasn’t as obvious 36 years ago as it is today, but when Gottfried Pessl, the founder and current CEO of Pessl Instruments, established his company in 1984, he already recognized IoT technology as an inevitable part for the future of farming. 

Precision farming, remote field monitoring, the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence and the use of data for better results are the company’s focus and strengths. Developing tools and solutions for decision-making, to help overcome the pressing challenges of today (climate change, higher demand for food) is what Pessl Instruments does best. 


All the essentials in one place

Running from one IoT supplier to another can be both tiring and time consuming. It affects productivity and can make one lose time, money and resources. That’s what makes us different from other players in the IoT field — the holistic approach. 

We offer a complete range of wireless, solar-powered monitoring system and solutions that are applicable in all climates and can be used in various industries and for variety of purposes – from agriculture to smart cities, research, hydrology, meteorology, flood management and more. All the data collected by weather stations, dataloggers and sensors come together on the Fieldclimate platform. 

With a wide range of high-end tools and their information in reach of one’s palm, we ensure users with a great range of services — weather monitoring and forecasts, water management, disease models, insect monitoring, remote field monitoring, workforce planning, resource management, nutrition management and more. 

When developing new tools and solutions, we always consider the farmers’ markets, and environment needs and make sure the technology works in their favor. 


Sharing the fruits of success 

“We always think through what kind of an impact our next step will make. Sustainability is key. And we can achieve it with deep understanding of what clients need, what environment craves, and what we all, as a humanity, have to do for a better tomorrow. Not only for our current well-being, but for well-being of  future generations as well,” explains Gottfried Pessl. 

With helping farmers make a decision of when and how much to fertigate, both farmers’ expenses and the impact of harmful effects fertilizer have on the environment are lowered – and this is just one example. 

“We always look at things from the farmer’s perspective. He chooses solutions that make his work easier and optimal. Farmers need to know if it brings results, how and when to use it, and what will their return of investment be. And with solutions and services under METOS brand, they know exactly what to expect and gets nothing but the best,” Gottfried concludes.  


Bringing the World together

Our company’s efforts were recognized many times through its existence. Fieragricola’s Gold Innovation medal in 2018, EIMA’s Innovation Award the same year, Gold medal at Macfruit’s 2019 Innovation Award, Silver medal in 2019 Agritechnica’s Innovation Award, Gold Austrian Export Prize 2019 — just to name a few recent ones. 

In 2019 the 35th anniversary was celebrated and gathered partners, colleagues and friends from Europe, North, Central and South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa to celebrate this important milestone. Being headquartered in a small, beautiful town Weiz, Austria, was never an obstacle to reach the world.

Pessl Instruments has over 70 partners worldwide, including John Deere, SAP, SGS, Yara, Huawei, Vodafone, Nokia, Inmarsat, Sentek, Syngenta, Bosch, BASF, Joanneum Research, AXA, and RWA. 

With 50,000 stations installed worldwide, 100,000 different users on daily basis, 500,000 sensors in the field, 15 years of IoT, 36 years of experience and presence in over 80 countries all over the globe, we can say with confidence our solutions are of great value for the future of farming.


The Turning Information Into Profit: Ag Innovation Under the METOS Brand series is brought to you by Pessl Instruments.

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