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Did you know that about one quarter of precision farming dealers bill soil sampling, field or zone mapping services to farm customers, according to the 7th annual Precision Farming Dealer Benchmark Study. 

In this episode of the Precision Farming Dealer podcast, brought to you by Topcon Agriculture, Darrell Bruggink talks with soil scientist Ray Ward, who founded Ward Laboratories, about the importance of identifying the need for a new approach to making soil fertility recommendations.

If you mismanage your nutrients, you’re going to have a different population of microbes. And when you put too much nitrogen on, you increase the bacteria, and the bacteria have a low carbon-to-nitrogen ratio, and they demand carbon. And if they don’t have enough carbon, they’re going to eat the organic matter…” — Ray Ward

Listen in as Darrell and Ray talk about how Ray started up his lab, how it expanded over time, and Ray’s thoughts on why it’s been so successful. Ray also shares his insights on nutrient management practices and why more farmers should be using sulfur, the problems he sees with fall applications of nitrogen, and much more.  

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