AUBURN, Ind. — Traction introduced a new lineup of agronomy management tools for both service providers and farmers. Solutions include an agronomy mobile app and web application, designed for soil sampling, soil fertility, lab integrations, recommendations and prescription generation.

Traction Agronomy is focused on simplicity, efficiency, and profitability, helping farmers apply the right product at the optimum rate and right time to maximize input usage.

"Our biggest advantage is building everything around a mobile environment," said Jeff Dearborn, Traction’s Business Development Director. "Agronomists need the flexibility to analyze soil test results, build prescriptions and send shapefiles from any mobile device. Our solution is designed to handle a complete agronomy workflow for phones or tablets which is a game-changer for the industry."

Service Providers Traction Professional Agronomy enables service providers and agronomists to manage an unlimited number of farmers in one cloud-based ecosystem. This end-to-end solution offers seamless integration with soil labs, making it easy to view soil test results and build simple variable rate fertility prescriptions. Paired with Traction’s Field app, the solution becomes even more powerful as prescriptions can be created from your phone or tablet (coming Fall 2021).

Other key features of the Field app include field mapping, grid target layout, navigation and sample point logging. Farmers Traction Basic Agronomy helps farmers manage their own agronomy tasks. With similar features found in Traction Professional Agronomy, a farmer can leverage the Traction Field App to log their own sample locations and use a formula to create a fertility prescription. The key benefit to a farmer is how the agronomy platform fully integrates with the other Traction solutions:Basic Accountingand Basic Operations. This level of functionality is unique as farmers can take their agronomic data and apply true costs from accounting entries. Now farmers can see the financial impact of their agronomic decision making with a clear return on investment.

Traction Professional and Basic Agronomy key features include: Soil lab integration for seamless processing of samples
  • Lab check-in sheets for sampling tasks
  • Pre-loaded list of formulas from soil labs and universities
  • Fertility prescriptions for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, lime and other nutrients or amendments
  • Product requirements by field
  • Industry standard shapefile export for controller compatibility

Traction Basic Agronomy for farmers is available for $950 per year which includes two manager logins. Traction Field App is $350 per year per mobile device. Service providers who are interested in Traction Professional Agronomy can call 888-305-3839 for pricing. Additional information and a free 30-day trial (farmers only) can be found at

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