AgJunction Inc. has entered into a strategic, 2-year partnership with Farmer’s Business Network Inc., to list its Wheelman auto-steering solutions directly on the FBN platform.

FBN is an independent farmer-to-farmer network where its nearly 9,000 members utilize a comprehensive agriculture data and price sharing platform to better understand the current state of the market and improve their farm’s financial performance. Similar to AgJunction, FBN eliminates the need for farmers to visit a dealer when purchasing seeds or chemicals by offering these products directly on its e-commerce platform, providing a significant cost advantage for end users that is easy and convenient. 

The partnership will allow AgJunction to introduce its Wheelman auto-steering solutions to nearly 9,000 FBN members through various strategic channels within the network’s framework. The Wheelman Pro and Flex, which are currently sold directly to farmers, will now be listed on the Marketplace section of FBN’s platform. The partnership also enables AgJunction to participate in FBN’s community outreach events held in local ag communities.

The Wheelman Pro and Flex will be listed on the FBN platform starting today.