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“The whole idea is the cycle stays. The plant matter has been destroyed, but the nutrients are all still there with our system. It’s all the good without the bad. You can get rid of all of your herbicides if you want to. ” — Paul Mikesell, CEO and Founder, Carbon Robotics

One of the newest developments in weed control is the Autonomous LaserWeeder, a robot that uses artificial intelligence and lasers to zap weeds growing among cash crops. Carbon Robotics unveiled the autonomous Weeder in April of 2021, and the company went on to sell out of 2021 and 2022 models.

It’s currently selling directly to farmers growing specialty crops — with plans to expand its market, production and technology.

In this episode of the Precision Farming Dealer podcast, brought to you by Trimble, listen in as Paul Mikesell, Carbon Robotics’ CEO and founder, explains the technology powering the LaserWeeder; the autonomous robot’s specs, accuracy rate and current deployments; the benefits of using lasers to control weeds and much more!

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The Precision Farming Dealer podcast series is brought to you by Trimble.

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