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 In this episode of the Precision Farming Dealer podcast, brought to you by Ag Express, contributing editor Dan Crummett goes 1-on-1 with Carbon Robotics founder and CEO Paul Mikesell for a deep dive into the company’s LaserWeeder technology.

“We've seen the rise in herbicide resistance in the weed population,” Mikesell says. “The herbicides are getting less effective every year. They tend to knock your crops back. Every time you spray, it sets your field back a little bit. We have lots of examples of herbicide sprayed crops compared to laser weeded crops, and the laser weeded crops will come up earlier and just generally be happier.”

The LaserWeeder uses artificial intelligence and lasers to zap weeds growing among cash crops. The self-driving 80-inch wide machine has a row of high-powered CO2 lasers that are targeted and controlled by high-resolution cameras. The cameras scan the field as the machine moves, and Carbon Robotics’ computer vision system uses AI to discern if the camera Is seeing a crop or a weed.

 Mikesell provides updates on the LaserWeeder technology including feedback from growers who are using it. He also explores the biggest challenges facing growers today and their willingness to use precision technology as a solution.

Ag Express

The Precision Farming Dealer podcast series is brought to you by Ag Express.

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