ACRES (Advanced Crop Revenue Enhancement System) is an innovative, new program that was unveiled earlier this year at the 48th National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky. ACRES combines on-farm data about soil attributes, crop rotation, etc. with the unique performance attributes of seed, chemical and fertilizer products to ensure optimal performance.

ACRES offers customers the following benefits:

·       Steyer has access to all trait platforms so trait rotation is taken into account in order to avoid insect resistance to Bt events
·       Order placement component ties into Steyer’s inventory in real time
·       Geo-fulfillment component to improve delivery efficiencies
·       Herbicide sensitivity ratings on hybrids are noted
“As farmers become businessmen, they are in great need of tools that help them maximize yield potential,” said Ben Steyer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Steyer Seeds. “With the ACRES platform, we can match up the best seeds with the right soil type, giving farmers accurate information on optimal performance and creating greater profit.”

ACRES is built upon the Data-Driven Farming System by MyFarms to combine proprietary product knowledge with the data farmers own and manage to improve crop production. ACRES leverages the core structure of MyFarms to provide a robust, comprehensive crop management tool that allows farmers to benefit from Steyer’s experts to ensure success.

Some of these additional benefits include:

·       More reliably ensure the genetic diversity farmers need, across multiple trait platforms, for optimum yield potential.
·       Doesn’t require forfeiting buying power to diversify seed package. One source means a greater volume discount no matter what you buy.
·       Plant what you want, without having to conform to the sales quotas or trait marketing push of the big seed companies that sometimes recommend what’s best for them ... not your farm.
·       Can respond to changing conditions better because Steyer can respond to farmers faster through ACRES.
·       By understanding geography, soil types, nutrient levels and maturity levels, Steyer works with each farmer to pick the right portfolio of hybrids for his or her individual farm.