Precision Farming Dealer editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at various aspects of our great agricultural industry. Here is our favorite content from the past week:

What Farmers Want from You: User-Friendly Precision Technology

Commercial hay producer Royal Barnhart sits down with New Holland precision segment lead Ben Sheldon for a conversation about his experience using precision technology on his farm.

Imperfect Machine Learning is Perfect for Agriculture

“As the ag industry embraces machine learning thoughtfully and responsibly — i.e. not expecting perfection, being aware of bias, using it as a co-pilot and pointing it to applications that are impractical for humans — then we collectively will accelerate farmland productivity, climate adaptation and better ways to produce food,” says Mineral CEO Elliott Grant in this April 27 blog.

The Medieval Plow (Moldboard Plow)

The Medieval Plow (Moldboard Plow)

Solinftec Launching Insect-Hunting Robot

Solix Hunter, a robot that hunts insects in crops using specific frequency of light, will launch next week during Agrishow. “Solix Hunter has been developed to be an autonomous robot with solar panels powered to generate the energy necessary for night hunting and scouting during the day,” says Leo Carvalho, Solinftec chief global strategy officer.

Raven Director of Sales Discusses Recent Acquisition of Augmenta

Ben Voss, Raven Director of Sales for North America & Australia, talks with CropLife’s Larry Aylward about Raven’s acquisition of Augmenta and the impact it will have on its precision products.

Growers Sound Off on Right-to-Repair Concerns

Frank Lessiter, editor of No-Till Farmer, shares some of the comments he’s gotten from farmers on the heated right to repair debate. Farm Equipment regularly reports on the dealer and manufacturer side of the argument, in this article Lessiter digs into the farmer perspective.


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