Torgerson’s, a farm equipment dealership with locations in Montana and Wyoming, announced a partnership with AGvisorPRO that will make it the first CNHI dealer in the U.S. to leverage visorPRO AI-powered technology from AGvisorPRO for operational efficiency and customer support. The partnership will allow Torgerson’s technicians to focus on complex issues, enhancing the overall quality of service.

"This is revolutionary,” says Brion Torgerson, CEO of Torgerson’s. “During our peak seasons, the pressure on our technical and service personnel is intense. The integration of visorPRO signifies a game-changing opportunity for Torgerson's in terms of technician onboarding, training and overall business operations. It’s like manufacturing time.”

Robert Saik, CEO of AGvisorPRO, says his company has had a long relationship with Torgerson’s and calls the partnership a milestone. “As we roll out and scale visorPRO, it is critical we work with the right kind of forward-thinking dealerships.”

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