Terrakamp’s NEXAT system is essentially an all-in-one machine that can autonomously perform all the primary crop-related functions, including harvesting, spraying, planting and more. Terrakamp CEO Joseph Jandrisch says one of the top benefits of the machine is the impact it has on improving soil health.

"The true benefit we offer is to improve the health of the soil by reducing compaction, staying on a fifty foot wide tram line," Jandrisch says. "It’s focused on automation. You see a cab on the machine, but the cab is there mostly to let the operator ride along. The machine will operate autonomously. We don’t need a square field. We’ll plan in a path, we’ll use AI to plan the most efficient path so we can stay off of areas that might be compacted. With that we get better moisture penetration, more nutrients deep in the soil, deeper roots."