Susterre CEO Michael Cully, gives a rundown on the company’s use of ultra-high pressure water jets to cut through residue in no-till farming.

“Our product is a retrofit row unit that we can install on any existing planter. It consists of 2 parts, a ski part that presses down the residue on the field, and the jet that pumps water at 60,000 pounds per square inch. We’ve designed the product so it cuts through any amount of residue without having a hairpinning of residue, and without applying additional downforce onto the field. Our side-by-side testing has shown that we can produce 6-12% yield increases in most residue situations. And our goal is to keep regenerative farmers in the practice of no-till and the use of cover crops for more seasons.”

For a sales pitch, Cully says if a farmer purchases their technology, it would pay for itself within two planting seasons.