Dan Crummett

Dan Crummett

Dan Crummett has more than 30 years in regional and national agricultural journalism including editing state farm magazines, web-based machinery reporting and has an interest in no-till and conservation tillage. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Oklahoma State Univ.


Day in the Cab

First Customer Contact Builds Trust & Strong Relationships

Integrated solutions consultant serves Deere dealer’s growing customer base as 'first responder' to precision & digital service calls in Oklahoma & Arkansas
It was the shortest day of 2023 and Landon McGarrah was catching up on paperwork and taking a deep breath after one of his longest days on the job the day before.
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Future Farming Success Hinges on Customer Relationships

Indiana farmer Jason Mauck looks to vertical integration as well as technical innovation to cut costs and boost per-acre bottom line returns for his economic resiliency through 2030.
With principal involvement in three busy agricultural enterprises, Jason Mauck, 40, has to be constantly thinking, planning and doing to keep all the balls in the air as he juggles traditional family farm management, off-farm agronomic innovation, and the headaches and highs of innovating a new direct-marketing meat business.
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Autonomy Report

Weighing the Viability of an Autonomous Future

As robotics, AI and autonomous technology continue to evolve, manufacturers, dealers and customers weigh in on what an autonomous future for ag looks like, and what it will take to get there.
While many claim the Industrial Revolution is history, supplanted by the so-called “Digital Age” or “Information Age,” commercial agriculture seems to be thriving while simultaneously in both eras.
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monarch tractor november 2021
Autonomy Report

Dealer Perspective: Concerns About & Customer Interest in Autonomous Farm Machinery

Dealers weigh in on how likely their customers are to purchase autonomous farm equipment in the next 10 years.
Of the dealers queried, nearly 60% shared their customers would fall into the “likely” or “very likely” category of interest in autonomous farm machinery. They estimate 20% would be unlikely to have an interest and 20% uncommitted or “neutral” in their interest level.
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Leveraging Data to Control Costs, Improve Outputs

From cutting inputs and “right sizing” equipment to building new customer bases and revenue streams, Mitchell Hora says analyzing a farm’s data will help improve bottom-line decision making.
Mitchell Hora says increasing reliance on bottom line profitability and data driven decisions will be the key that helps him survive and thrive in the future.
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  • First Customer Contact Builds Trust & Strong Relationships
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