Gemini Dual Pump KitMEMPHIS, Tenn. — Ace Pump Corporation announced the launch of its new Gemini dual pump kit. The kit allows a user to operate two Ace Pumps independently from a single hydraulic supply and control them manually or with a PWM (pulse width modulated) control signal.

“Given the growing agricultural trends of precision application and variable rate application, we believe our Gemini dual pump kit is a much needed accessory,” noted Andy Randle, President of Ace Pump. “We designed the kit with maximum flexibility out of the box, knowing that our customers are extremely capable and will use it to streamline their application processes. The Gemini kit is designed to control any combination of Ace’s popular FMC-HYD Series pumps powered by our 204 and 206 motors. Once installed on a planter or sprayer, it allows operators to quickly and easily dial-in separate application rates for liquid fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other crop inputs.”

The Gemini dual pump kit is designed for use on tractors with either load sensing closed center (LS closed) or pressure compensated closed center (PC closed) hydraulic systems. Oil may be supplied from one selective control valve (SCV) or the power beyond hydraulic supply. The package includes everything needed for manual operation including a switch box, wiring harness, hydraulic valve manifold and fittings. The system may also be controlled automatically using PWM control signals from the customer’s controller to the included proportional valves.           

In addition to greater application accuracy, the new Gemini dual pump kit gives applicators and farmers more flexibility in setting up their spray systems.  “In many applications, especially planters, farmers are running out of available hydraulic ports,” Randle added. “So they’re forced to use smaller capacity 12-volt pumps, which offer limited flow rates and less reliability. The Gemini dual pump kit solves these problems quickly and easily.”

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